February 5, 2020

Iris Klein and Jenny Frankhauser say goodbye

Iris Klein and Jenny Frankhauser, mother and sister of his daughter-in-law Daniela Katzenberger, are now mourning the family member in their own way. 

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In close family circle, Costa Cordalis died on Tuesday afternoon at the age of 75 in Mallorca – he fell asleep peacefully in his house. His son Lucas Cordalis, who is married to Daniela Katzenberger, was at his father’s side.

Iris Klein and Jenny Frankhauser say goodbye

Now Daniela Katzenberger’s family has commented on the death of the hit legend. “Rest in peace dear Costa, you were an angel on earth … See you again”, writes Iris Klein on her Instagram account and later adds: “I kept saying … You are an angel on earth because I have never seen such a lovely person. Now you are an angel in heaven … “. To do this, she posts a picture on which Costa is holding her. 

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Daniela’s sister Jenny Frankhauser also takes part in an Instagram story. “My sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to you. Rest in peace Costa,” she writes to a black and white picture in which she is sitting next to the singer. As information for her fans, she adds: “Out of respect, I will not post anything today or tomorrow. Please don’t worry because you won’t hear from me.”

Iris Klein’s followers are also affected by the unexpected death for many. “I wish you as a family a lot of strength for the coming period. My sincere condolences to each of you. Rest in peace Costa”, writes a fan.

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Another adds: “Of course I didn’t know him personally, but when you saw him on TV you could tell what a special person he was. Even today I think back to his incredible calm and balance in the jungle camp and wish he had I am a little more. I am sad that he is no longer there. Dear Costa, rest in peace. To you, the family, my condolences and all the best for the time to come. “

Sources used: Iris Klein’s Instagram profile, Jenny Frankhauser’s Instagram profile

Jenny Frankhauser certainly imagined it differently: Four weeks after the love outing, she and her boyfriend are separated again. Now the 26-year-old wishes that her ex does not speak to the press.

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At the end of June, she confirmed her new relationship, a month later Jenny Frankhauser announced the end of love. On Sunday, Daniela Katzenberger’s sister announced to her fans: “Hakan and I are going separate ways from now on.” However, Jenny did not want to comment on the occurrences.

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For the past two days, fans have puzzled why the relationship failed after such a short time.to kill a mockingbird conclusion Many suspected that Hakan had cheated. However, Jenny has not confirmed this. As the reality star is now announcing via Instagram, it will not want to comment on it in the future either.

“I do not have power”

“I don’t want to say anything about what happened. I don’t want to give interviews about it,” Jenny tells her fans in her Instagram story. Hakan wishes the same thing. “I hope he doesn’t do that either because I just don’t want this fight. I don’t have the strength to fight myself so publicly. I just can’t because I just loved this person very, very much.”

Jenny Frankhauser fights back tears in the short sequences. “Sorry, that will happen to me another 1,000 times. I just hope that it will calm down. In the future I’ll just be more careful. I don’t even know what to say.” So far, Hakan Akbulut has not commented on the separation. Both have deleted their couple photos on Instagram.

“It hurts shit”

The 26-year-old wants to forget the fitness model for now. “Even without this public battle, it hurts shit. No matter how long we’ve been together: love knows no time. If you love someone, then you love someone. I don’t want to say what happened.”

But she won’t let her lovesickness get her down. “I will pull myself together. I will not hide myself in a hole. I have a great family, I have great friends. I am not small. I have been through so much in my life, so I’m not going to do it now A broken heart will break. It will hurt for a time now, I know that too. ” 

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 At the end of June, Jenny Frankhauser and Hakan Akbulut made their love official. Daniela Katzenberger’s sister has never revealed since when the reality star and the fitness model have really been a couple.

Sources used: Instagram profile of Jenny FrankhauserInstagram profile of Iris KleinInstagram profile of Hakan AkbulutFacebook profile of Hakan AkbulutRTL: Jenny Frankhauser raves about her boyfriend Hakan Akbulutmore sourcesShow less sources

Jenny Frankhauser proudly presented her new look on Instagram. Some fans did not find the ex-jungle queen’s style that great and criticized her on Instagram. Now the singers strikes back. 

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After Jenny Frankhauser first wore gray and then dark brown hair, she has now taken another step towards being more natural. Daniela Katzenberger’s half-sister had her mane dyed blonde again, because that is her natural hair color. While she was very satisfied with the result, the 26-year-old also received criticism from her fans on Instagram. 

That’s what Jenny Frankhauser wants

She has now taken up this in turn in a post. “‘I like dark hair better’, ‘blonde you look shit’, ‘you’re ugly’, ‘the gray hair was much better’, ‘your teeth are too artificial’, ‘you have a pig nose’, ‘you are fat ‘”, she quotes the words of her critics and shoots back. Jenny Frankhauser admits that she gets more positive than negative news, but: “I wish from the bottom of my heart that when I have a daughter (or even a son) that she doesn’t give a shit about what others think of her. “

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But that’s not all. The following words make it clear that the negative comments hurt the TV star. “What’s wrong with this society ?! Why can’t you just accept people and let them do what they want?” She asks. Jenny closes her post with the words: “I’m curious what there is to complain about now.”

Katzenberger sister: Jenny Frankhauser now has a new look Jenny Frankhauser: He is not in the mood for reconciliation

Since Jenny Frankhauser has closed the comments under the post, her fans are initially unable to speak. The jungle queen from 2018 seems to have enough of those anyway. 

Sources used: Jenny Frankhauser’s Instagram profile

So far, at least eleven Covid 19 deaths have been autopsied in Berlin. This emerges from a response published on Thursday by the Senate Department for Health to a parliamentary question from the Left MP Wolfgang Albers. The most common causes of death were blood poisoning in pneumonia (four cases), lung failure (three cases) and heart failure (two cases). In all eleven cases, the Charité’s pathology institute found that the causes of death were “causally related to Covid-19,” it said.

As of Wednesday evening, 173 deaths among corona infected people were recorded in Berlin. At the beginning of the epidemic, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommended avoiding autopsies against the background of the risk of infection from opening the corpse. But this has since been changed. Pathologist associations had called for more autopsies to be performed on those infected with corona.

Berlin’s Senator for Education Sandra Scheeres (SPD) would like to have school material that has been lost due to the corona pandemic made up for during the summer holidays. “In general, our goal is to keep the learning gaps as small as possible. That is why we will also offer summer schools,” Scheeres told the daily newspaper “taz” on Friday. However, this is not a shortening of the summer vacation. “This is an offer for socially disadvantaged children for which we are spending several million euros,” Scheeres is quoted as saying. Different scenarios would be developed for classes after the summer vacation. How exactly it should continue should be communicated before the summer vacation.

After a week-long break, classes started again on May 11th for the first, fifth and seventh grades.

Unlike a zoo in Calgary, Canada, the Berlin zoo sees no problems with the bamboo supply for its pandas in the corona crisis. “Our producers here in Europe deliver the bamboo in the usual quantity and quality,” said a spokeswoman on Thursday upon request.

The zoo in the Canadian city, on the other hand, has to send its Chinese showcase animals back to their homeland. “We believe that the best and safest place for Er Shun and Da Mao in these challenging and unprecedented times is where bamboo is abundant and easily accessible,” said Zoo President Clément Lanthier in a statement.

The two giant pandas would need 40 kilos of fresh bamboo a day – and that is almost everything they eat all day. Since the outbreak of the corona crisis in Canada, however, direct flights with supplies from China to Calgary in western Canada have been suspended. Initially, the zoo was able to make do with having the plant flown in with a stopover in Toronto, “but fewer flights between China and Toronto as a result of the pandemic stopped this option”.

Despite great efforts, it did not work to continue to import high-quality bamboo, because Er Shun and Da Mao are gourmets: they leave poor quality behind. “This is way too much stress for my team and the pandas. Can you imagine not having bamboo for a few days?” Lanthier told Canadian TV broadcaster CBC. The two pandas came to Canada on loan for ten years in 2014.

The Berlin Zoo is the only one in Germany that keeps giant pandas. According to the zoo, the panda parents Meng Meng and Jiao Qing are offered a total of around 60 kilos of bamboo per day. Their offspring, the brothers Pit and Paule, were already busy chewing on the bars, but they couldn’t eat them yet. The switch from breast milk to solid food is expected in the coming weeks when her teeth are fully developed.

From now on, with a bit of luck, visitors can also watch the panda cubs in the Panda Garden on weekdays, the zoo announced on Thursday. Unfortunately, this was only possible with comparatively few visitors, it said. The panda twins Pit and Paule were born in the zoo at the beginning of September last year.

After a six-week closure due to the Corona crisis, the Zoo and Tierpark Berlin have been open again every day since April 28th. However, various regulations apply to contain the coronavirus.

A man from Düsseldorf supplies the world with opium and other hard drugs. Follow the international smuggling routes in this interactive story. 

Would you like to find out more about the Dusseldorf syndicate? Read the full story here: about double-bottomed cases, the investigations and the arrests.

Sources used: own research

Many companies and restaurants in Bielefeld and Ostwestfalen-Lippe are suffering financially from the Corona crisis. They are now to be helped with a voucher platform.

Many shops in Germany are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. This often hits companies hard financially. A voucher platform is to help restaurants, hairdressers and co. In Bielefeld and East Westphalia-Lippe.

The platform “From OWL with Love”, which arose from the commitment of two beverage start-ups from Bielefeld, Limoment and the Ravensberger Brewery, provides vouchers to customers via a website. There, distressed companies can offer vouchers for services that will be provided after the crisis and thus obtain money at short notice. 

According to the city of Bielefeld, over 3,000 vouchers and 63,000 euros have already been collected in this way. 165 restaurateurs are already registered. With immediate effect, the branches are to be expanded and so also hairdressers, cosmetic studios and sports parks are added.

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